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In multiple studies recently conducted with CEO's, "Technology" has been identified to be the #1 external force driving Digital Transformation and shaping the future of their Enterprise. In search for Innovation, CxO's are willing to relinquish control, even in areas like domain, and are looking more and more to partners to help them with their Digital Transformation Journey.

This is where we come in.

New Digital IT Inc. brings a new approach to delivering Integrated Digital Solutions and putting these smarter solutions to work for our customers. We are focused on rendering a smarter Omni-Channel Digital Solutionsin an environment where point solutions are randomly embraced and not well-integrated.

New Digital brings an integrated approach towards leveraging best of breed SaaS & Cloud based solutions for enhanced omni-channel customer experience.

Our portfolio of solutions are:


   • BrandCX– Strategy Planning to inform , enable and delight your customer
   • Next Best Action – Strategy Planning to deliver Next Best Action to drive more upsell and cross-sell


   • Enterprise Digital Bus - Framework to render omni-channel Digital Solution / Reference Architecture
   • Zeno Platform - Transformation Delivery Model - A powerful next generation tools and libraries for open-standards based
     multi-channel app & API development on Open Source
   • Big Data Platform – Hadoop Grid & Analytics


   • MPO - for Market Process Outsourcing for variable cost related to campaigns, reports & cases.
   • NoSQL DBaaS- for always on non-relational Content Syndication and Management
   • EASE Platform - After building hundreds of custom apps for the enterprise, we built capabilities to help our customers manage
     their mobile apps
   • Managed Services – ICC/API Management, Open Source Apps, BPM


Marketing Apps
• Branding and UX
• Campaign Management
• Content & Document   Management
• Ad Buying Analytics
• Market Process
  Outsourcing    (MPO)
Sales Apps
• E-Commerce
Customer Support
• Portals & Microsites
• Responsive Web
• Next Best Action
Enterprise Apps
• Big Data Analytics
• Social, Mobile & Cloud    Apps
• Integration Services

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